Following the paper production and prices, pulp prices have begun to slow recovery of domestic paper industry expect "warmer"

Newspaper Rizhao June 13 hearing from 3,000 yuan / ton to 3,800 yuan / ton, although the price is still not a small gap from the last July, the highest 5400 yuan / ton, but the industry is still optimistic expectations for this: in after the paper output and prices to recover, pulp prices have been declining momentum has finally been contained, although the paper industry is now talking about "spring" if it seems too early arrival, but some data has been able to show that the Chinese paper industry We are out of the woods, slow recovery.

"Because the international pulp prices have fallen sharply, and even fell below the cost price of 3,000 dollars per tonne, from September last year after, we not only no profit at all in the production of wood pulp, or even lose money: to produce 1 ton pulp will stick into the 70-80 dollar since last month, this situation gradually began to improve: the international pulp prices began to rise gradually, to stabilize the "pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. Shandong Asia-Pacific Forest information Division Director Joe small. bridge said.

Shandong Asia-Pacific Forest Ltd addition to the production of high-grade white cardboard, but also provide for other bleached kraft pulp and paper companies, their annual pulp capacity of 315,000 tons, ranking second in the domestic pulp and professional production companies. First half of 2008, affected by the international financial crisis, the price of paper and pulp prices have dropped sharply trend: in July 2008, ordinary white cardboard prices are 7,000 yuan / ton to 10 months before it fell into each four or five thousand tons; the international pulp prices is shrink nearly half, from 5400 yuan normal / ton down to 3,000 yuan crazy. This is undoubtedly Asia-Pacific Fair Pulp producers such severe test.

"Despite the financial crisis, wood pulp and other major raw materials prices also declined, but by the lag and can not correspond with the decline in the ratio and other objective factors, from the second half of last year to the first quarter of this year, a long period of time, Asia-Pacific Forest and other pulp companies is actually higher price of raw materials used in the production of low-cost wood products, not only did not profit, and sometimes even make ends meet. "Joe told reporters the bridge, from October last year, the Asia-Pacific Forest Bo only "moderate cut."
Asia-Pacific Forest experience the domestic paper industry is under the influence of the international financial crisis in microcosm. Related statistics show that the first quarter of this year, China produced a total of 3.758 million tons of various types of pulp, down about 17.1%.

"April of this year, the international pulp prices are 3,000 yuan / ton low price hovering; May prices began to rise slowly, has been basically maintained at 3700-3800 yuan / ton, the" Joe said bridge. From 3,000 yuan / ton to 3,800 yuan / ton, although the price from the last year in July, the highest 5400 yuan / ton, there is still not a small gap, but Joe is still optimistic this bridge: "From the current trend, the paper industry They are slowly being picked up. "

In fact, all kinds of paper production and pulp prices before the price is now "pick up" sign.

"Paper and paper companies rebound in output means a huge inventory pressure gradually eased, production gradually returned to normal. Not only that, under the traditional peak season in the second quarter driven boom of paper-making enterprises upward trend is expected to continue further." Some optimism Analyzing the industry: the financial crisis caused by the downturn in the domestic paper industry has been basically in the past, the industry began to pick up. But most industry people believe, "warmer" situation needs further observation.

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