Chinese paper rapid export growth in the first quarter accounted for Qicheng foreign

The first quarter of this year, Chinese paper and paperboard (in Rolls) exports reached a total of eight hundred and twenty-eight thousand tons, a substantial increase 61.6 percent year on year, of which exports accounted for foreign companies hundred Chinese total exports per seventy-three.

According to customs statistics, the first quarter of this year, China's import and export of paper products continued to show "rapid growth in exports, the overall decline in imports" features. Exports, in addition to inorganic coated paper, the rest of the paper export volume appears doubled. The import side, the presentation of each paper overall decline trend, the largest decline in imports of newsprint.

Southeast Asia, the main export market for China's newsprint. Among them, India continues to be the largest export market for Chinese newsprint exports fifty-nine thousand tons, an increase of nine times; exports to ASEAN twenty-seven thousand tons, a surge in twenty more than doubled.

As the main export in the first quarter of this year, foreign-invested enterprises accounted for exports of paper products seventy-three percent of China's total exports of paper products, exported six hundred twenty-seven thousand tons, an increase of 44.8%. In addition to newsprint, other paper products exports, exports of foreign-invested enterprises account for ninety percent share.

It is understood. China's exports of paper and paperboard business units total three thousand four hundred and six, the export volume of 60.7% focused on exports of the top ten companies.

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