Why choose us

Why choose our cardboard display:
Advertising: A perfect printed display stand rack can promote enterprise’s image and brand and creates great sales volume with its characteristic slogan,picture and logo and so on.
Personality flexible: They can be customized according to the products, whichare outstanding in showing and displaying with its flexibility, convenience and individual character design.
High quality and reasonable price: They share the same kind of value as metaldisplay stands, wooden display racks, and organic glass exhibition stand,and cost much less than those products.
 Environmental protection: They are made of various kinds of paper which meets the demand of international environmental protection. Waste paper can be dissolved and recycled.
 Light weight: They can be easy assembled and disassembled to save the logistics cost and storage space.

Why choose us:
 1). We are professional manufacturer with the professional R&D team, we can design different style display and make your products faster to attact consumer's eyeball in so many goods
 2). With more than 25 years experience of display rack production,,this will ensure goood printed effect of display and quality of manufacturing display
 3). 100%recyclable, Enviroment friendly
 4). Excellent design for heavy weight products
 5). Easy to assemble and disassemble,Saving cost in repeat packing and disassembly
 6). Excellent advertisement for new products and Excellent salesperson for promotion.Build and enhance in the image of the company
 7). Our Pursuit :Fast and Efficient, Low-Budget, you could enjoy satisfactory products and servicing more intimately
 8). Welcome to visit our factory any time

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